In this photo you can see the main building of the Józef Piłsudski Museum in Sulejówek on a sunny day. The building is modern and surrounded with a forest. The main entrance can be reached through a wide pebbled alley.

Delivery and return


Tickets and/or passes for visits and any ticketed events are delivered only by e-mail in PDF to the e-mail addresses provided during the purchase procedure. We do not send tickets via courier companies.



You can read more on the return of tickets in the Regulations.

  • The return of Tickets for individual visits, tourguide sets and Tickets for in-person and online events is possible no later than 3 days before the scheduled visit or event date specified in the respective Ticket. The amount paid is fully reimbursable. Tickets for individual visits and those for events bought less than 3 days before the visit or event date specified in the respective Ticket – cannot be returned and are not reimbursable.
  • The return of Group Tickets is possible at the latest on the visit date by the time specified in the respective Ticket.
  • It is possible to withdraw from the tour guide service bought via the Museum at the latest 5 days before the scheduled service provision date. The amount paid for the service is fully reimbursable. If you resign from the tour guide service later than 5 days before its scheduled date, you will not be entitled to the respective reimbursement.
  • Returns and withdrawals should be communicated to the following e-mail address: [email protected]. An application for reimbursement of the amount paid should include at least the following information: number of the booking or Order, name of the event, date and time of the visit or service, number of Tickets returned, number of the Sales Document (receipt or invoice).
  • As for free visits or in-person and online events, it is possible to return free-of-charge Passes until the beginning of the respective event.
  • As for bank transfers or e-payments, returns shall be made to the account from where the payment was made, within 14 working days upon the acknowledgement of acceptance of the return or withdrawal report by the Visitor Service Office.
  • If you bought your ticket in the Ticket Office and want to have its costs reimbursed, you have to come, within a time frame referred to in § 7, items 2 and 4 of the Regulations, to the Museum’s Ticket Office, return your Ticket and present the original Proof of purchase (if a cash register receipt was issued for the sale transaction).
  • If the Museum cancels an event, all the amounts paid shall be reimbursed.
  • If you buy or book Tickets both for visiting the Museum and for another event organized by the latter on the same date, you should take into account both the visit’s/event’s start and duration to avoid any collision of dates. Visits planned in way favoring a collision of dates do not provide grounds for any complaint or reimbursement of amounts paid for the tickets or/and extra services.
  • You cannot make a complaint or seek reimbursement of the amount paid for your visit and/or extra services if there is no audioguide or if your audioguide does not work.



You can read more in the Regulations.

  • Products orders are fulfilled by the Online Store on working days from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. You can contact us at the e-mail address: [email protected] or phone number: 22 77 88 000.
  • Order fulfillment (shipment dispatch) time – no more than 5 working days after the Museum’s account is credited with the amount due (we try to process Order on the next working day). The Order fulfillment time does not include time required for the Delivery of the Shipment to the Recipient (or a selected collection point) by the courier.
  • Deliveries must be paid in advance together with the respective Orders. The Museum does not send shipments on a „cash on delivery” basis.
  • Courier consignment cost – PLN 18 gross.
  • DPD courier company – shipments are delivered by DPD and according to their regulations.
  • Shipments are delivered exclusively within the territory of Poland. We do not send anything abroad.
  • The Online Store fulfills exclusively Orders for Products whose weight does not exceed 10 kg. Heavier shipments can be ordered directly from the Seller by e-mail. The Seller shall determine the payment terms and price for each shipment heavier than 10 kg.
  • The Museum shall not be held liable for erroneous delivery data provided by the Buyer. Should the shipment not be delivered for the reasons of erroneous delivery data, the Buyer shall have to pay for the second delivery attempt after having contacted the Online Store.
  • Failure to deliver a Shipment as a result of false or incomplete Delivery Data being provided by the Buyer does not provide grounds for any complaint or reimbursement of the Delivery costs.



You can read more in the Regulations.

  • A Buyer who buys his/her Product remotely (online or by e-mail via the Visitor Service Office) can withdraw from the Order if the Products ordered have not been sent for delivery purposes yet by calling the Museum’s phone number 22 77 88 000 or by writing e-mail to the following address: [email protected]. In such a case, the Buyer shall be entitled to the reimbursement of the entire paid amount. If the Products have already been shipped, the cost of Delivery shall be subtracted from the amount to be reimbursed to the Customer.
  • The Consumer / Entrepreneur acting as a Consumer who signed a sales agreement remotely can within 14 days withdraw from it without any reasons provided and without bearing any costs, provided that the Consumer/Entrepreneur acting as a Consumer bears the costs of reimbursement of the Product to the Seller.
  • Pursuant to art. 38 of the Act of 30 May 2014 on the Consumer’s Rights, the right to withdraw from the agreement signed remotely is not vested in case of agreements signed for audio or video recordings or computer software delivered in a sealed package if the package was opened after delivery. 
  • To meet the time frame, it is enough to send an unambiguous statement on withdrawal from the agreement before its expiry. The statement on withdrawal from the sales agreement can be submitted by e-mail to the following address: [email protected]. It should include: the name and surname of the Consumer/Entrepreneur acting as a Consumer, number of the sales document (receipt or invoice), number of the Order, sales date, name and quantity of the Product returned, contact details (at least e-mail address). You can also download the agreement termination form at the bottom of our website.
  • The time frame within which the sales agreement signed remotely can be terminated starts at the moment of service of the shipment to the Consumer/Entrepreneur acting as a Consumer/Recipient.
  • Once the time frame expires, you will no longer be entitled to withdraw from the agreement.
  • As soon as you have terminated the sale agreement, you should immediately, no later than within 14 calendar days upon the termination notice, send your product back to the Seller at your own expense. To meet the deadline, it is enough for you to send the product back before its expiry.
  • The returned product must be complete and unchanged. 
  • The Seller does not collect Shipments sent to it on a „cash on delivery” basis and shall not be liable for any costs associated with such Shipments.



You can read more in the Regulations.

  • Complaints on Products should be made in writing by serving them in person or sending to the Museum’s registered office or by e-mail to the following e-mail address: [email protected]. A complaint should include at least: number of the sales document (receipt or invoice), number of the Order (for Products bought online), e-mail address, information on the Product and the description and occurrence date of the defect. While submitting his/her complaint, the Buyer can but does not have to use the complaint Form to be downloaded at the bottom of the website.
  • The Seller shall examine each and every complaint no later than within 14 days upon its receipt by the Museum. If the Seller does not respond to your complaint within that time frame, it means that the Seller deems your complaint grounded.