In this photo you can see the main building of the Józef Piłsudski Museum in Sulejówek on a sunny day. The building is modern and surrounded with a forest. The main entrance can be reached through a wide pebbled alley.

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Jesień w Milusinie - warsztaty fotograficzne
Selected date: 19 en:września 2021
Hour: 12:00
Location: Sulejówek

Limitations: You can book from 1 to 9 tickets

Number of tickets available: 14

Ticket type Price Number Amount
Main ticket for a child

First select one main ticket for the first child + one complementary ticket for one guardian. For each subsequent visitor (child or guardian) select „subsequent visitor” tickets.

30.00 zł
0.00 zł
Complementary ticket for a guardian

You have to add one complementary ticket for a guardian to the main ticket for a child.

0.00 zł
0.00 zł
„Subsequent visitor” ticket

Add a ticket for each subsequent visitor (child or guardian).

15.00 zł
0.00 zł
en:Razem: 0.00 zł